Two athletes on an indoor track with a female athlete wrapping the injured male athlete's leg to help treat his apparent sports injury

4 Ways Chiropractic Care Is Essential To Recovery And May Be The Key To Unlocking Your Peak Performance

See why thousands of professional athletes across the NFL, MLB, NBA, and Olympic sports view chiropractors in a league of their own when it comes to improving their overall health, well-being, and athletic performance.

A photo of Michael Phelps swimming for Team USA in the Olympics with visible cupping marks on his neck and upper back

Achieve maximal performance, naturally.

Many people believe that all chiropractors do is treat back pain, when what we really specialize in is naturally and non-invasively treating all musculoskeletal pain. By boosting the Central Nervous System (CNS) chiropractic patients can experience improved pulmonary function, decreased mental and oxidative stress, improved sleep, and increased energy levels. All of these can help improve your body’s ability to think, move, and perform.

At Summit Sports Chiropractic we see our role in your recovery as a natural performance enhancer. We will work with your coach and other sport health professionals to identify and correct any performance or movement deficits, promote healthy healing, and improve the function of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems using the best available evidence and treatments.

Chiropractic manipulation improves range of motion.

Athletes work hard and every time they train they put serious stress on their body. That stress can lead to pain and impaired athletic performance. Just like proper warm up and cool down stretching, chiropractic manipulation can improve your range of motion at a segmental, regional, and global level. By releasing restricted movement in the spine or extremities we improve first and foremost joint motion; which results in improved nerve conduction and muscle coordination, as well as decreased muscle tension throughout the body. A chiropractic manipulation can help your body move without pain and resistance again.

Routine treatment helps improve healing times and prevent injury.

Every sport has body regions more prone to injuries due to the stress and trauma of the sport. An injury can be absolutely devastating, and once it happens the athlete and their support system often wants them to return to sport as soon as possible. Chiropractic treatment, including joint manipulation and soft tissue therapy can help improve blood flow and muscle tone in the injured area. Additionally, kinesiotaping can help provide external support and improve sport specific proprioceptive feedback while we work on corrective exercises to improve any performance deficits or imbalances.

More often now sports are reducing their off-seasons in exchange for year-round training, adding significantly greater stress to the body. By addressing these potential imbalances and deficits early and often, we can reduce the risk of injury.

Chiropractic care for whole-person health

Too often patients are being let down by their healthcare providers, whether it’s poor communication, an ineffective exam, or an itch to grab the script pad; many patients are receiving poor quality healthcare and are not getting the appropriate conservative care or given the tools they need to treat the pain and prevent further flare ups or injuries.

An unnecessary surgery can set an athlete back months and may have effects that last the rest of their career, and every day we’re learning more about the impact of excessive opioid prescriptions on the general public. Chiropractic care is just one component of proper conservative care that gives patients a non-surgical and non-pharmacological option to eliminate their pain without the side-effects or co-dependencies that commonly come with prescription medications.

An infographic from the American chiropractic association demonstrating the difference in care modalities between chiropractors and primary care MD's

We LOVE working with Athletes

Whatever stage of sport you’re in we’ll work with you to identify the source of your problems, not just the symptoms, and create a custom treatment plan that gives you the tools to reach your goals. So whether you dream of playing for the Sounders or just want to be able to take a hike this weekend we’ll help you reach your personal peak.

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