Nutritional & Supplementation Counseling

The goal of chiropractic care is to provide whole body care and total health, both inside and out. To achieve that goal, our doctors will often provide diet and supplementation advice for problems that are rooted in nutritional issues. At Summit we’ll work with you to create specific recommendations for dietary supplements and healthy food choices based on individual needs.

Nutrition: The Missing Puzzle Piece

A beautifully plated and nutritional well-rounded fig and cheese surrounded by greens and other healthy foods and two slices of bread

The most important thing you can do for your overall health is “taste the rainbow” and eat an overall healthy high quality diet. However, due to modern agricultural practices and a multitude of environmental factors, even with a high quality diet you may still end up missing some essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Check out our blog post some vitamins and minerals we believe are essential to keeping you healthy for longer.

At Summit Sports Chiropractic we recognize how important high quality nutrition and supplementation is and why we are working hard to make these high-quality products more accessible to our patients. Cost can often be a prohibitive factor for high-quality supplements which is why we have established a connection with FullScript, a high-end supplement dispensary to get our patients the products they need at wholesale price.

“The human body is composed of two synergistic components that must function at optimum for health.

Problems in the biomechanical component, consisting of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones controlled by the nervous system, are treated by the chiropractic adjustment, ancillary therapies and rehab. 

Problems in the biochemical component, consisting of the organs with all of their functions and also controlled by the nervous system, are best addressed by nutrition, which includes food, water and supplements. 

It is extremely important to address and support both components, as one can’t work without affecting the other.”

Dr. Juanee Surprise, DC, DCCN, DCBCN

Frequently Asked Nutritional & Supplement Questions

Can you help me calculate my macros?

Yes. But we’ll use the same calculators widely available to you via google so this isn’t something we recommend you come to us for.

I have severe allergies/IBS/IBD/Crohn’s/UC/etc. can you help me make a meal plan?

We can give you general dietary and nutrition advice for these conditions, but for specific meal planning, diet journaling, and dietary concerns we recommend meeting with a nutritionist or certified dietician to help manage your condition.

So what conditions can you help me with?

A ton! Our nutritional and supplementation counseling can help with common musculoskeletal issues such as low back pain and headaches, but also with other more visceral conditions such as heartburn, bloating, heart conditions, arthritis, and most importantly: general wellness.

Stiff? Sore? Tired? Bloated? All of the above? Schedule an appointment today and get back to moving and feeling like yourself again!