Pediatric Chiropractic care

Itty bitty spines need chiropractic care too! Adjustments for kids look VERY different than adjustments for adults. Our doctors use a very gentle touch, mainly targeting the muscles surrounding the joints to release pressure on those areas and encourage proper movement!  

Why Pediatric Chiropractic?

Dr. Danielle Pettet, a chiropractor specializing in pediatric, prenatal and postnatal care providing pediatric chiropractic adjustments to children who

A child’s spine grows exponentially during their first 2 years of life. The nervous system is contained in spine and is also growing, developing and learning to integrate the world around it. We believe that regular structural check-ups can aid in growing healthy children as well as work out bonks, falls or injuries.

Common Conditions

Making your child comfortable is our top priority.

We have gone through additional certifications in order to bring only the safest and best chiropractic care for your child. We take pride in our comprehensive examinations where we look at the function of every system of your child, their overall structure, appearance and that they are meeting their milestones. 

Chiropractic for a child is entirely different than it is for an adult. So different, that is is not uncommon for a baby to sleep right through their adjustment! 

Using low force, gentle instruments or low force manual adjustments allow for an adjustment free from twisting, turning, cracking or popping. The adjustments on infants and children are meant to be enjoyable for every child and we take great care in ensuring every parent and child feels comfortable and safe with their child’s care.


Disclaimer: This information is for general knowledge only and is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.