Custom Exercise Programs

No two people are exactly the same, and that’s why no two rehabilitation exercise programs should be exactly the same. At Summit we’ll work with you to build a program based on your strength, mobility, and stability with regular exercise check-ins and progressions or regressions as needed. This one-on-one custom programming will help get you back to living your life stronger than ever.

Programming That Goes Beyond The Weight Room

We recognize that surgery is not usually the first choice, but sometimes it’s the only choice. When that’s the case we will work closely with you to help strengthen and protect your body, doing what’s called “Prehab”. This will strengthen and stabilize everything around the area that will be operated on so that you can get back to living your life as soon as possible following the operation.

Research consistently shows that, when performed properly, exercise is one of the most effective and efficient ways for getting out of pain, improving function, and preventing surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you expect from our exercise programming?

After analyzing both the movements and positions that cause you pain, as well as several other significant key movement patterns we will work with you to help you recognize any faults in your movement or muscular imbalances. From there we will develop a completely custom exercise program based on your skill, experience, and injury levels. As we progress you through your treatment plan we will revisit these exercises on a weekly basis, at a minimum, to make sure that we are progressing or regressing and adding or subtracting your exercises as necessary based on how you are responding to care and how significantly your stability and mobility are improving.

I’ve never lifted weights before in my life, will I be able to do this at home?

Absolutely. There are a multitude of ways that we can increase your stability and mobility without slinging around weights. In fact, many elite athletes still work with their own body weight and gravity to get and stay injury free. Whatever equipment you have available, or if you have none at all, we’ll make a program that works for you.

I have a strength/bodybuilding/figure/crossfit/track & field/etc. competition coming up; can you give me programming to get me to first place?!

While we are confident in our ability to develop exercise programming for athletes of all skill levels, these high level competitions require a team of support including a dedicated strength coach, a nutrition coach, and a healthcare team. We will gladly fill the role of healthcare provider while we help you find dedicated strength and nutrition coaches to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Ready to find your inner strength to get and stay pain free for life?